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3 Ways to Update Your Social/Mobile Marketing

Social media and mobile is ever-evolving, which means that your social/mobile marketing plans need to constantly get the updates they need to keep up with Millennials and teens.

Last week we asked if you were up-to-date on your Snapchat marketing tactics, and though the photo/video messaging platform is one of the hottest spots in marketing right now, it is obviously not the only place that brands should explore to reach Millennials and teens. Finding the right platform for your brand is key, and once you do updating your plans to keep up with the constantly changing set of tools that are launched in the social/mobile world is key. We’re here to help, with three new tricks to add to your social/mobile marketing plan:

1. New Emojis

Pop the champagne (emoji)! The new ioS 9 update brings with it some long awaited new emojis, including the taco emoji that Taco Bell has been campaigning for, a burrito, a champagne bottle, cheese. many new faces, and a unicorn. Brands like Taco Bell have been integrating emojis into marketing to appeal to Millennials and teens, who (as we know from our Talk the Talk trend) are sending them on a daily basis. Domino’s recent campaign allowing followers to tweet the pizza emoji to have an IRL pizza delivered has now become the main focus of their TV spots as well. Brands should look at this new wave of emojis to see if any of the new additions could align with their messaging or products. But that’s not the only thing to note about these now symbols: one of the new emojis introduced is an icon meant to fight bullying. The anti-bullying emoji, available on Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, was created by the Ad Council for the “I am a Witness” campaign and is meant to be used by teens who witness bullying and want to speak out against it. Whether the effort will be successful isn’t clear, but the emoji is the first ever to be created for a social cause, and could be the start of a new category of icon. 

2. Facebook Full Screen

Facebook’s introduced a new mobile ad format that takes up the full screen once clicked back in June, allowing brands to create marketing content specific to the platform. But recently Wendy’s showed just how creative brands could actually get with the tool, creating a campaign that uses a combo of photos, videos, and gifs to “build a burger” on the viewers phone in an engaging way. Viewers can tilt their phone to control the action and view the ad in a different way. The full-screen ads are more immersive, and allow another way to move away from static imagery in mobile marketing, which are being ignored by the ad A.D.D. generation

3. Twitter Promoted Moments

Twitter’s long-awaited Project Lighting has arrived. The project is a new product called Moments, which is potentially “Twitter’s most important product update ever.” Moments curate tweets around a specific topic, like a breaking news event, pulling together a media-heavy collection of content all relating to real-time news. The feature reportedly has similarities to Snapchat’s popular Live Stories, and is Twitter’s newest attempt at enticing new users. So what do brands need to know? Ads have already started to be introduced to the new feature, starting with “Promoted Moment” for the new film Creed. Twitter’s VP of revenue in North America tells Fast Company, “Promoted Moments will have all the features of a Moment you see right now, and instead of curators creating the moment, it’ll be a brand.”