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A Star Wars VS Frozen Holiday: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Why Disney will likely be winning this holiday shopping season, so matter what, Coke Zero’s “drinkable” campaign for Millennials, the three big trends youthe trends you’ll be hearing about next, and more in today’s Don’t Miss List…


1. Frozen’s Not Done Yet

Star Wars’ BB-8 droid topped our list of five big contenders for holiday’s IT toy, but all Star Wars merchandise is going to be hot when it gets cold. But they’re not the only Disney franchise that could be a holiday must-have. Don’t miss the prediction that kids still haven’t let go of mega-hit Frozen, and items like karaoke Elsa could be big sellers. One thing is for sure: in the battle of Star Wars versus Frozen, Disney wins.

2. Insta-fashion

According to The Impression founder Kenneth Richard, social media has made fashion brands “Brands are broadcasters now with 24/7 channels,” and we saw many embrace social media marketing this Fashion Week. Don’t miss the news that that very Fashion Week was Instagrammed twice as much as the previous. According to the platform, “26 million people had more than 200 million interactions related to NYFW between September 10th and September 17th.”

3. Three Trends To Know Next

We know it’s been a busy week, what with the end of the world predicted to happen this weekend and all, but don’t miss our preview of the upcoming Ypulse Quarterly, and the three trends we’ll be telling you about next: Unique Is the New Cool, The Body Positive, and Talk the Talk.

4. Coke Zero’s Drinkable Marketing

Coca-Cola’s innovative Twitter emoji marketing isn’t the only way that the brand is trying to get Millennials’ attention. Don’t miss the “drinkable” marketing campaign designed to get young consumers to try Coke Zero. 85% of the generation hasn’t tried the product, and Coke has rolled out Shazam-enabled college football jerseys and a whole digital campaign all about sampling in order to get them to take a sip.

5. Links We’re Passing

Burger King’s out-of-the-box fast food marketing continues with a black Halloween burger they’ll be introducing in the states next month. It sounds like the chain made the decision to make the spooky menu item in the U.S. after photos of the Japanese version went viral online.