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Millennials, The Next Big Investment Trend?: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Investing in Millennials, Tumblr’s take on Vanity Fair’s big cover, what the next generation in the workplace will look like, and more in today’s Friday Don’t Miss List! 

1. Millennials: Next Big Investment Trend

This week, we applied what we know about the Millennial generation to the stock market what, and started sorting through the generation’s brand dynamics to explain the why behind their power to lift, and shift, a brand’s value. You shouldn’t miss that the Financial Post called Millennials “the next big investment trend,” citing their $1.3 trillion and growing direct spending power, and their massive influence on brands as reasons for investors to look at brands and industries that young consumers are most interested in.

2. What Can McDonald’s Do About Millennials & Teens?

We asked Millennials and teens to sound off on McDonald’s in one of our recent monthly surveys, and they gave us their very, very honest opinions on what would make them eat at the chain more. We narrowed in on their five biggest complaints, but don’t miss the brand’s latest big move to set up for a turnaround: hiring a White House big gun as their new communications officer. If he can improve the quality that young consumers complained to us about, then they’re on the right track!

3. The Next Gen Workplace

Millennials in the workplace continue to be scrutinized, and though some myths about these young employees may be slowly debunked, generations continue to clash. So we’ve got the latest data to shine some light on millennial workers. Don’t miss another take on the new workplace wave: an infographic comparing Millennials to their younger counterparts that finds recent grads are more interested in stability than their dream job…by a small margin. 

4. If You Want To Destroy My Sweater

Millennial and teens’ preferences have been leaving some major retailers in the dust, and brands that once had young consumers on their side are struggling to recapture their cool. We ran through Millennials issues with the once beloved J.Crew, and their complaints about quality and price, but don’t miss what the brand is blaming their woes on. Former fans dissatisfied with product quality? Nope. Sweaters. Lots, and lots of sweaters.

5. #MyVanityFairCover

By now you’ve seen the Cailyn Jenner cover that made media stop and stare (unless you’ve been asleep for the last few weeks), but don’t miss that the now iconic shot has been co-opted by young trans Tumblr users, who are putting themselves in the spotlight with their own #MyVanityFairCover movement, and showing that there is more than one face of the transgender community.