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Festival Fashion On Demand: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Have you heard about the social network all about selfies? That fashion and doctors are becoming as on demand as food? Or seen what happens when promposals don’t go according to plan? Those big updates and more in this week’s Friday Don’t Miss List!


1. Festival Fashion On Demand

Don’t miss what’s happening in the mobile shopping arena, because it’s moving fast—sometimes literally. REVOLVE clothing, an online retailer catering to “fashion-forward Millennials,” is saving the day for festivalgoers with same day shipping to Coachella Valley and the surrounding area during the event. Music fests like Coachella have become fashion events, and attendees can now get emergency deliveries of flower crowns and fringe vests to look their best. Festival fashions reportedly make up 20% of the REVOLVE’s sales, and 15% of REVOLVE’s sales are through its mobile app, and their foray into same day shipping could be a smart move for this on demand generation.

2. The King Kong of Selfies Is Here

Last week’s infographic on The State of the Selfie gave you a peek into how Millennials made selfies a social phenomenon that is now a Webster term. Don’t miss how new social networking platform Kong is taking the selfie game to a whole new level. The new app from Path lets users create selfie GIFs or videos, add neon colors, designs, and filters, and add them to one of the continuously streaming selfie channels. Fast Company says “it might be the most legitimately fun and inventive social network to come around for ages.”


3. Started From the Bottom Now We Healed!

Some hungry startups are capitalizing on Millennial trends to provide potentially game-changing services that could see big success. Don’t miss another that wants to be the Uber for doctors. New app Heal is bringing back the house call, sending doctors to people’s homes to take on small-scale illnesses for $99 a visit. The service saves users from spending their days occupied with the doctor’s office just to have a quick question answered or medicine prescribed.

4. Promposals Gone Awry

These days, prom isn’t prom without a good promposal. We let you know that people are putting a lot of effort into these grand gestures, and on average, they’re accounting for a third of the total cost of prom. To see some good promposals that will fill you with lots of “Aww” and heartfelt sentiment, check out the @ThePromposal Twitter account. But you shouldn’t miss that things do not always go according to plan, as this teen couple going viral proves. The girlfriend’s less-than-impressed reaction to her boyfriend’s gesture is awkward comedy gold, or the most uncomfortable few minutes you’ll watch today. No better way to relive those high school years!

5. Some Like It Hot

We’ve told you before that Millennials love to spice it up when it comes to food, and sririacha is now a “go-to condiment.” Don’t miss which brands are jumping onto the trend. Wendy’s, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., KFC, and Denny’s, just to name a few, are beginning to offer spicier menu options to appeal to the nearly 75% of Millennials who “want to experience more flavors at restaurants.” A strong force behind this trend is likely the 47% of Millennials who consider themselves “foodies” and the 89% open to trying new foods, as Ypulse found in April’s monthly survey.