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Burger King Says I Do: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The cutest unexpected fashion collab yet, girl gamers taking a stand, Burger King’s delightful surprise, and more trends and news are waiting for you in this week’s Friday Don’t Miss List!

1. You’re a Good Purse, Charlie Brown

We’ve seen a wave of fashion collaborations from unexpected brands, from fast food chains to comic books, rethinking marketing merchandise by creating more high design collections for young consumers. Don’t miss the cutest surprising fashion collab of 2014: Coach and Peanuts teamed up to bring shoppers some adorable versions of Coach’s classic handbags featuring the beloved cartoon’s characters, leather Snoopy dolls, t-shirts, art, and more. A free iPhone app accompanied the limited-time collaboration with a game helping users figure out “Which Peanut Are You?” and a Charlie Brown photo bomb feature.

2. Home Sweet Homes Away from Home

Many hotels have been on the quest to Millennialize their accommodations and business models, and compete with Airbnb. Don’t miss how startup Pillow is putting even more pressure on hotels to step up their game. The company makes the Airbnb process smoother on all ends, acting as a middleman that takes care of everything from apartment listing to cleaning, manages the time-consuming parts of the process for the lister, and provides standard amenities for the renter. They charge an upfront fee of $250 and 15% thereafter, which could be a steal for those valuing time over money.

3. Girl Gamer to the Rescue

Now that you know three big trends in mobile gaming, we want to remind you of a push in the industry that is still relevant: female representation. Don’t miss 12-year-old Maddie Messer’s fight to play as a girl in her favorite games. Frustrated that she had to choose a male character within Temple Run unless she paid to unlock a female, Maddie downloaded the 50 most popular games in the same category to calculate female representation in each. While 37 offered free male characters, only five had free females. Her op-ed published in the Washington Post persuaded Temple Run’s creators to release a free female character and Disney to lower their characters’ price from $30.

4. Teen Mag Round Up Goes Old School

We rounded up some young artists taking their artistic and creative talents to social media to comment on some major Millennial trends. While one used cartoons to call out ridiculous women’s magazine don’t miss another using teen-girl mags as inspiration. Erica Magrey’s online multimedia project Vistas pays homage to the aesthetics from ‘80s and ‘90s YM  and Seventeen, and comments on the influence of their content. She uses videos of women playing exaggerated versions of themselves and dressed in era-appropriate clothing to explore “various gestures associated with femininity, sexuality, and positions of power.” 

5. Burger King Says I Do

Brands are going to extreme, odd, and heartwarming lengths to provide Millennials with a little surprise and delight, and make marketing more personal. Don’t miss the generous gesture Burger King made when the company found out that a man with the last name Burger was marrying a woman with the last name King. Burger King surprised the “Burger-Kings” with a congratulatory Skype session and then let them know that the brand would be paying for the whole wedding. The couple was “completely blown away” by the news and all Burger King asked in return “is that they live happily ever after, and maybe name their first child Chicken Fry.”