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Are You On Vine Yet: The Friday Don’t Miss List

But seriously, are you on Vine yet? We recap why Vine marketing, mobile shopping, Twitter hashtags, and Millennial incomes should all be on your radar right now.


1. Are You On Vine Yet?

Vine has proven that six seconds is ample time for a clever marketing video, as long as you can get creative. We highlighted four brands across tech and clothing that are making their mark on Vine by collaborating with some of the platform’s biggest stars, so don’t miss skits from American Eagle that have already seen over 3 million loops. AEO teamed up with Liane V and Cody Johns for a stream of videos that both highlight product selections, like their strategically ripped jeans, and act out everyday (albeit exaggerated) scenes from Millennials’ lives.


2. Making Shopping Mobile

We found that 22% of young consumers say they shop frequently on their phones, making mobile-ready shopping apps a necessity to feed this growing trend among Millennial consumers. The three mobile shopping apps we profiled this week are rethinking retail at the right time, and we don’t want you to miss another tech-minded company making shopping easier for the masses. Iconeme is introducing “talking” mannequins that can interact with consumers via their smartphones. The mannequins will provide product information, pricing, and links to buy their entire outfit, all sharable on social media.


3. Hashtag Takeover

As a part of our Things You Should Know series, we decoded five of the top hashtags being used by Millennials today. Trends emerge daily within this generation, especially online, so don’t miss the trending hashtag #NotYourShield being used on Twitter as a social statement by the gaming community. It all started with rumors of corruption within the video game press in a movement known as #GamerGate which, over the last couple days, has snowballed into a movement led by minorities of the gaming community. Women, those of different ethnicities, handicapped players, and more are using #NotYourShield to show that anyone can be a gamer, and that they don’t approve of the story being spread by big media.


4. Going Broke

Our spotlight on tracked data trends gave you a walk through of social media statistics over the last year and a half, and there’s more where that came from. Among our tracked trends you can also find population data, such as earnings by age and gender, which would help paint the rather dismal picture that half of Millennials earned less than $35,300 in 2013, which is a $2,300 drop from three years ago. Mind you, that figure from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances excludes Millennials who are living at home. Low incomes, rising student debt, and the avoidance of stock investments are said to be the main factors in these falling numbers.


5. Eternal Battery Life

Certain brands are using digital to their advantage by getting personal on social networks, but we don’t want you to miss the newest ad from Ikea for their 2015 catalogue that spoofs digital gadget marketing in favor of print. The hilarious spot takes viewers through all of the benefits of the printed “bookbook” like “zero lag” and “the original touch interface” in a way that both makes fun of tech and the old-school connotation of printed materials at the same time. Views on YouTube just keep climbing, having gained over 4 million in the past two days.