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The YouTube Boyband: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve got the most important insights into the Millennial world from what made headlines this week. Don’t miss it!

1. Weddings May Be Breaking the Bank
Our infographic snapshot gave you an inside look into how Millennials feel about weddings, showing that 6 in 10 think they have become too big, too expensive, and too much work to plan. On the flipside, don’t miss Millennials sounding off on how weddings have become too expensive for guests. The average spending for guests has increased 75% within the past two years, and further data from our biweekly survey shows that gift buying amounts to just over $100 on average, with most preferring to give or receive cash.

2. Spotlight on YouTube Heartthrobs
In our Teen Mag Roundup, young male musicians flooded the list of who are the hottest among teens in entertainment right now, so we don’t want you to miss a feature on other young males in teen media, dubbed “The YouTube Boyband.” The guys—Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Caspar Lee, and Joe Sugg—have popped up on our radar before, each having between 1.5 and 2.5 million followers. They are best friends online and as well as in real life, forming what we consider to be a high-powered Millennial media clique by making regular appearances in each others videos.

3. Trends Going Abroad and Back
Millennials are the most globally minded generation to date, and our post on trends around the world made note of how movements like craft beer are impacting young adults in unexpected locales. Don’t miss other trends spreading internationally like beauty blogging in Norway, detailed by YouTuber SaraBeautyCorner whose fan base is actually 49% from the U.S. While blogging can easily reach a global audience online, the more quirky idea of putting friendly felines into cafes has been spreading stateside straight from Japan. Cat cafés have already opened in San Francisco and Oakland, and a recent attempt to open a cat café in L.A. made headlines.

4. Prom Drama (& Not the Kind You Think)
We explored the most buzzed about prom trends to be aware of this year, and though drama can take hold with high school students, the drama we’re referring to is all about fashion. Don’t miss the top style trends for dresses this season, including open and dramatically low backs, short hemlines, and bold monochromatic colors. Nasty Gal’s affordable “anti-prom” line takes it to the extreme, and though these looks might not pass school dress codes, it’s clear that the fashionable way to celebrate prom is with glamour-driven looks that focus on one high drama element.


5. Links We’re Passing
Though Dove is a brand that Millennials feel they can trust, they aren’t safe from being parodied. Dove’s latest viral campaign “Dove: Patches” has received over 20 million views on YouTube, but don’t miss the parody video that turns the journey to find inner beauty into a backhanded compliment. Also a must-see is the “No brand is your friend” presentation on Slideshare, displaying honest opinions about how this generation feels about brand engagement.