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The Crew of YouTube: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Don’t miss what’s happening right now in the Millennial world:

1. The Crew of YouTube
Advice from Nick Shore of Astronauts Wanted let us know that entertainment is heading towards a content reboot by letting Millennials into the creative process and telling stories that are supremely quick witted. Traditional networks are finally realizing what this generation wants, so don’t miss the web series produced by FremantleMedia, the company behind American Idol, that brings together young male YouTubers for a new kind of talk show. The Crew on the StyleHaul channel is hosted by Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee, all huge YouTube stars in their own right, and has them dish on what’s happening with them and their peers, from kissing girls to selfie nation.
2. A Picture Book for Coding
Yesterday’s “Infographic Snapshot” took a deeper look at the coming wave of Millennial parents, a subset of the generation who finds value in having a family and raising children, but won’t necessarily be following tradition. Since kids are now being inundated with tech while still in diapers, don’t miss new methods of learning, like the book “Hello Ruby” that teaches kids a new understanding of coding about “expression, creativity—and practical application.” The book campaign has received overwhelming support on Kickstarter, pledging more than $140,000 past its goal, and is something that Millennial parents can get behind.

3. We Heart New Social Apps
We had the chance to explore Millennials’ love for visual platforms and learn more about We Heart It from CEO Ranah Edelin. At 25 million monthly users and growing, you won’t want to miss coverage of We Heart It’s rise, along with the other new social networks that are all about Millennials. The Jelly Q&A app has been on our radar this year, and Potluck is a mobile app that pushes the voyeurs of social media to engage through sharing links and chatting, without the added pressure of likes and follows.
4. Letting Gym Rats Run Free
Small business and start-ups are speaking to Millennials by building relationships that consumers can trust. Airbnb was a disruption to the hotel industry, and now Fitmob is on the scene for fitness enthusiasts who are sick of the same old gym routine. Don’t miss the Fitmob app that organizes people in and around their neighborhood for classes run by certified trainers. Taking workouts out of the gym gives people more control and encourages them to test out new tech like fitness trackers during their workouts. The $15 per class price tag is already affordable and keeps decreasing for repeat visits as an extra motivator.
5. Links We’re Passing
The internet has opened up the doors of creativity by democratizing design and providing a platform for any and all creative projects. Don’t miss the graphic designer who has taken Snapchat selfies to an entirely different art form, creating impressive portraits in her spare time. Illustrator Miguel Cardona also infuses his art into unlikely sources, drawing detailed images from Grumpy Cat to Walter White onto coffee cups. All proceeds from his cup sales go to charity, turning his play on design into a social good effort.