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#SochiProblems: The Friday Don’t Miss List

The week between the Super Bowl and start of the Olympic Games has been a busy one in entertainment, so we’re keeping you in-the-know with everything you missed in Millennial media:

1. The Ads That Thrived Online
We laid out the marketing trends that won major points during the Super Bowl this year, but some of the most buzzed about marketing moments weren’t even seen live by the majority of game watchers. Don’t miss the revival of GoPro and Red Bull’s partnered “Stratos” stunt from 2012 that followed a man’s free fall from space back down to Earth. Footage aired in certain markets during the game, but the YouTube video “Stratos—The Full Story” has been seen by almost 11 million people. Also a star of local markets was Jamie Casino, a defense lawyer whose 2-minute halftime spot set to heavy metal was seriously badass—pretty impressive for a local attorney. These online sensations speak to the power of the internet to give a bigger return on investment for TV commercials.
2. A Generational Divide
Our Essentials revealed the laid-back and tech-savvy nature of Millennial moms, so don’t miss data from a new study saying that this generation of parents is 23% more relaxed than Gen X parents. Young Millennial moms “reject the pressure they grew up with” and find that a healthy lifestyle includes both nutrition and mindset for their children. Many Plurals are being raised by Gen X parents, so we could see some interesting differences developing between these older Plurals and those that will be raised by Millennials.
3. Pick Your Pilot
Series and shows as we know them are breaking tradition by embracing streaming, participatory programming, and expanding into branded territory, so why not add crowdsourcing to the mix? Don’t miss the chance to pick what shows Amazon will develop by casting your vote via viewing during their pilot season. This process worked well for the studio last year, so this season 10 show pilots, half for adults and half for kids, will be released to test their popularity. In other crowdsourced content news, check out the Robocop remake stitched together with homemade videos from over 50 fans that is overshadowing the Hollywood studio remake to be released in theaters next week.
4. Questionable Conditions at Sochi
An Olympic fire has been ignited—and we’re not talking about the ceremonial torch. As Millennials tune in live for the start of the Games, behind-the-scenes social media reactions reveal Sochi to be a “Godforsaken hellscape” full of dangerous hotel conditions, broken sidewalks still under construction, and painted grass. The questionable state of Sochi has inspired the account @SochiFails and hashtag #SochiProblems on Twitter, but the controversial online attention doesn’t stop there. Don’t miss Google’s support for the LGBT community, changing their homepage logo to a Google Doodle of winter Olympians on a rainbow backdrop, even appearing on the search page in Russia.

5. Links We’re Passing
Along with honest logos and slogans, and honest movie trailers comes honest book summaries from the YouTube channel Thug Notes. Narrator Sparky Sweets, PhD makes even Crime and Punishment entertaining (truly a feat), so students, and parents, you’re welcome. Also on our links list is this mashup of Frozen’s “Let It Go” and Passenger’s “Let Her Go” by Sam Tsui, the same artist who was featured singing in Coca-Cola’s music bottle Super Bowl ad.