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The Truth (In This Case) Is Hilarious: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve got this week’s trending topics to get you through the Friday afternoon lull, and dancing and laughing into the weekend. Don’t miss this!

1. In-Flight Entertainment
We let you know about this minute’s best marketing, involving kittens, cupcakes, coffee, and tiny soda cans, so don’t miss the latest campaign that has us dancing in our seats for… in-flight safety on Virgin America? The airline company enlisted the talent of former So You Think You Can Dance contestants and former American Idol contestant Todrick Hall (who we spotlighted for his fabulous production of Cinderoncé) to produce the most entertaining airline safety video, ever. The music and dance production is only part of the #VXsafetydance campaign, which encourages young dancers to film and submit their own freestyle moves on Instagram to win a spot in the next video.
2. Modern Day Aristocrats
The art world is opening up for Millennials by building online galleries that make purchases more accessible, and in the wave of these new apps and services, you won’t want to miss UGallery, an online gallery founded by University of Arizona students that acts as a connection between new buyers and emerging artists. In addition to the site’s curated selection, young buyers can commission original works of art, letting them tap into this world that until now, was only privy to wealthy investors. UGallery is breaking the traditional gallery run-around and facilitates unique opportunities for the next generation of art collectors to grow.
3. Pulling Back the Curtain
Luxury-for-less etailer Everlane first caught our eye with their disruptive approach to e-commerce and a fast-tracked crowdsourcing campaign, and once again, they’re aiming to give customers the retail experience they want. Don’t miss news that the company has opened up its factory doors to increase “radical retail transparency” in their vertical integration model. Shoppers can learn in-depth details about each factory on Everlane’s website to understand where and how the products are made, building trust with socially-aware Millennial consumers and setting a new benchmark for transparency of labor conditions.
4. Honest Trailers
Millennials are taking it upon themselves to tell the brutally honest truth about brands through brandjacked logos, slogans, and movie posters, and since video is becoming the dominant mode of communication for this generation, you shouldn’t miss Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers. This series lets marketers know what viewers really think about beloved movies and TV shows like Breaking BadThe Avengers, and Harry Potter, all narrated in classic movie voiceover. We’re deeming these videos NSFW, because you might end up watching them all in one sitting and uncontrollably spurt out laughter that makes your coworkers wonder what got into you. But hey, at least it’s Friday.
5. Links We’re Passing
In a shameless humblebrag, we did call the possibility of Instagram being used as a dating platform. Now, in the internet’s latest heartwarming love story, meet the couple that met on the social network, fell in love over insta-flirting, and is engaged to be married. Also on viral watch is the latest ad from Nike featuring LeBron James and an army of his fans as they follow him through his daily routine. This commercial illustrates the close relationship that Millennial feel with modern celebrities while showcasing the growing young NBA fan base that we mentioned in yesterday’s Confessions of a Millennial Guy.