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The Friday Don’t Miss List

Your weekly round-up of the topics we’ve covered this week along with all the things that might not have made it in our posts the first time around, but that you should not miss…






1. More Great GoogaMooga Marketing 
This week we covered some of the ways that brands are making themselves a welcome presence at The Great GoogaMooga food and music festival, but you shouldn’t miss that online retailer Jack Threads has created a pre-fest GoogaMooga sale to outfit attendees with everything they need from tees to flasks. We’ll be at the festival for our premiere Millennialize Me experience!

2. Scandals in the Age of Acceptance Changing Brand Practices
We talked about the changing definition of scandal and what scandal looks like in the age of acceptance, but it shouldn’t be missed that the new breed of scandal can have some positive brand effects. After several scandals involving body image that put H&M on the defensive (including one where it was discovered that modeling agents were scouting at anorexia clinics in their home country) the brand has made some significant strides in representing diverse body types, including their choice of plus-sized model Jennie Runk as the face of their 2013 swimwear. H&M has received serious kudos from consumers online for the move.
3. Tough and Dangerous
We gave you an inside look at why extreme (and tortuous) endurance events like the Tough Mudder are drawing hundreds of thousands of Millennials each year, and don’t miss this list of the most deceiving Tough Mudder obstacles (monkey bars are not for the weak), or that the danger of the events is becoming more clear as fatalities are begin to occur– a fact sure to scandalize Millennial participants’ helicopter parents.
4. Merida Un-Made Over
We told you about the consumer backlash against Brave heroine Merida’s makeover, which resulted in a petition that gained over 200,000 signatures. But don’t miss that in a rare move, Disney actually removed the made-over images of the character, bringing her back to her bow and arrow wielding original Pixar form. 
5. Links We’re Passing
Last week we told you about the rise of the slang term “glasshole” to describe Google Glass wearing individuals who are showing off or ignoring normal etiquette. But imagine what the names they might have been called if they went around sporting Glass as it looked in prototype form. And don’t miss the latest in griping against hipsters: the (semi-jokingly) proposed hipster tax, which in theory would tax all the things that hipsters like, like beer making kits and fixed gear bikes. The only problem? “These taxes would get played out…because hipsters would substitute away from the taxed stuff and find clever new ways to be annoying.”