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Marketing At The Great GoogaMooga

This Friday, we’re introducing our Millennialize Me experience series at The Great GoogaMooga in Brooklyn to provide a first-hand and real-time guided immersion into generational trends and culture. GoogaMooga is “an amusement park” of food, drink and music, and a great example of the kind of festivals and events that draw in and excite Millennials. It is also a showcase of the ways that brands can be a positive presence within events and create additional experiences, rather than be just a name on a sponsor poster. We’re big proponents of live and experiential marketing, but understand that sometimes it’s not easy for brands to know how to integrate themselves naturally into Millennial events. Here’s a look at how some brands are marketing at GoogaMooga, and enhancing the experience for Millennial attendees:  


Lexus’ Express Yurt Self and GoogaMooga Trading Cards

Lexus is a big sponsor of The Great GoogaMooga and will have a strong presence at the event in a few ways. The luxury carmaker is not forcing their own high-end roots onto the festival but instead creating several experiences that will tap into the interests of Millennial attendees. The Great GoogaMooga trading cards presented by Lexus are subtly branded throwback souvenirs that highlight five participating chefs: each card features a picture, a bio, and vital stats on each. The design and concept taps into Millennials’ strong nostalgia, with the description of the cards on the event site even saying, “an unopened pack of trading cards brings back all the giddy excitement of being a kid.” Multiple varieties of card packs will be handed out and participants are encouraged to collect them all. Lexus is also setting up a yurt for GoogaMooga attendees to hang out in while create sharable GIFs of themselves and watching street artist Thank You X create a real-time art installation on their RX 350 model. 

*Millennial trends they’re tapping into: nostalgia, gaming, information fetishization, GIFs, and experiential sharing


JetBlue and NY State’s Wine Pavilion

JetBlue is taking their tagline “New York’s Hometown Airline” to heart with their wine pavilion, a partnership with New York State. Wines from the New York services that JetBlue services will be featured, and winemakers, sommeliers, and importers will be present to provide expert information with every pour.

*Millennial trends they’re tapping into: localvorism, information fetishization


Google+ Local’s Review & Recharge

Millennials at food fests and concerts rely on their phones for everything from finding friends to sharing pictures of themselves at the event on social networks to tapping into event apps to guide them through the experience. The only problem? Phones that are hooked up to apps and taking non-stop pics quickly run out of juice. Google+ Local New York is providing visitors to their lounge with much needed charging stations to keep their devices going. Google+ also ran a pre-event contest for a chance to win tickets to the VIP Cocktail Experience portion of the festival. The entrant who submitted “the best” review of a NYC business on Google+ Local won the exclusive prize.

 *Millennial trends they’re tapping into: digital devotion, exclusive experience and online review culture