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Millennials and Brands Special Report

Millennials’ financial security is only increasing, and  it should come as no surprise given their lifestage that their average monthly take-home pay and spending money far exceeds Gen Z’s.

In short, brands should not be ignoring the preferences and affinity of this huge generation of shoppers. Using YPulse’s exclusive youth brand tracker, this special report shows in-depth analysis of the top YScore+ brands among Millennial consumers, the brands that are winning over this gen in particular, and why.

Download the full report for further insights

  • The 50 brands with the highest affinity scores among Millennials
  • Top brands winning with this generation across multiple industries, from retail to CPG
  • Case studies of brands that are succeeding with Millennials
  • Comparative analysis between Millennials’ and Gen Z’s brand affinity
Report length: 37 pages, Based on YPulse’s syndicated youth brand tracker data, and YPulse surveys of 1500 13-39-year-olds in North America

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