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Chipotle is leaning further into gaming with a Street Fighter 6 activation.

May 25 2023

Chipotle is leaning further into gaming with a Street Fighter 6 activation.Chipotle is amongst the many brands who have set up shop in video games before, taking advantage of how open Gen Z and Millennials are to brand interactions in their virtual worlds. But now, they’re going all in on Street Fighter 6 with “in-game integrations such as Chipotle Daily Brackets and Battle Hub signage, set to debut later this year.” But what’s unique about this gaming partnership is customers don’t even need to play themselves to benefit from it: “Chipotle Rewards members who watch at least one hour of streamed Street Fighter 6 content on participating channels have the ability to earn one of 500,000 free chips and guac orders.” According to the brand, this is the first time Twitch viewing is being traded for free food—and we know that young consumers love free stuff, so being rewarded for streaming games (which they’re already doing a ton) is a big bonus. (Marketing Dive)