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TikTok has a new hub allowing brands to be more connected to their audiences. 

May 09 2023

TikTok has a new hub allowing brands to be more connected to their audiences. YPulse’s Ad / Marketing Effectiveness report shows TikTok is by far the top platform Gen Z last saw an advertisement that made them want to purchase something—so it’s pretty integral for brands to get in on the space. The new “TikTok World Hub” is a place designed for brands that helps them learn how to connect with audiences and get discovered more easily. The hub is a central, user-friendly outline for TikTok’s range of advertising tools and highlights best practices when it comes to marketing on the Gen Z-loved platform. The hub features four main topics: branding, commerce, performance, and creative—and each includes videos with “TikTok product leaders and product roadmaps to help educate brands on TikTok advertising.” In addition to the “TikTok World Hub,” the platform also introduced “TikTok Fundamentals,” designed to help brands to “get the most out of their advertising campaigns on TikTok.” (TechCrunch)