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Nike just released its first .Swoosh NFT digital sneaker. 

Apr 20 2023

Nike just released its first .Swoosh NFT digital sneaker. YPulse research shows Nike stays on top when it comes to Gen Z’s top brands—and it’s the one they consider the coolest. Nike’s ability to keep up with virtual spaces, like implementing their own web3 platform .Swoosh last year, could be a big part of that. Now, the brand’s web3 platform will host a new collection, Our Force 1 (OF1), and will “consist of Polygon virtual sneaker NFTs designed to pay tribute to the iconic Nike Air Force 1.” Two types of sneakers will be available, including the “Classic Remix sneaker boxes, which contain virtual kicks riffing on Air Force 1 shoes released between 1982 and 2006, and New Wave boxes, which feature pairs designed in 2007 and later,” giving both a nostalgic and futuristic twist. (The DrumDecrypt)