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Nike is officially creating their own metaverse with their new .Swoosh platform. 

Nov 17 2022

Nike is officially creating their own metaverse with their new .Swoosh platform. Pronounced “dot swoosh,” the virtual spaces will allow visitors to “collect, trade, and flex Nike virtual products” and even gain special access to online events with users’ own virtual creations acting as a token to attend. The brand has put together their own team, Nike Virtual Studios, set on pushing the boundaries of metaverse brand activations. They want to build a place where “users will one day be able to gain access to exclusive events, collaborate with Nike designers on virtual product, and even earn royalties from the sale of those products.” For now, .Swoosh is in an invite-only beta stage and they’re accepting participants who fall under three categories: their most engaged customers, those located in cities who generally don’t get first access to new tech, and partners of their diversity, equity, and inclusion group. YPulse research shows Nike is the top brand Gen Z and Millennials say they’re loyal to and consider the coolest—and part of the reason is their ability to keep up with virtual spaces. (Complex)