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A potential TikTok ban is getting more serious among politicians. 

Mar 08 2023

A potential TikTok ban is getting more serious among politicians. While there’s been further votes to push a bill that would give the president the power to ban Gen Z’s favorite app, this generation isn’t sweating about it too much yet. Since the app first became popular in 2019, there’s been talks of eradicating it in the U.S., but now that it has grown to be such a huge part of young people’s (and brands’) everyday lives, the internet would be pretty bare without it—and the tech industry could be thrown into a heap of chaos. Controversy about the app’s existence comes from a split between love the app for its “unparalleled connection to the broader culture” and those who believe it’s a “nightmarish venue full of conspiracies, disturbing content, and various detriments to mental health.” YPulse’s The TikTok Effect trend report shows TikTok has become a main source of entertainment for Gen Z: they’re on the app daily, watching hours’ worth of content, and oftentimes creating their own. (Intelligencer)