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Dupes are this year’s biggest shopping trend so far. 

Feb 21 2023

Dupes are this year’s biggest shopping trend so far. Largely thanks to the TikTok trend, young consumers have been obsessed with finding dupes (duplicates) of cheaper versions of well-loved, but expensive products. While Gen Z made a viral trend out of finding dupes in a mocking sort of manner, it still doesn’t negate the fact that finds rack up millions of views on the app—the hashtag #Dupe has been viewed more than 2.8B times on the platform. According to Google Trends data, searches including the term dupe reached an all-time high this month with “related queries for popular buys like ‘Dyson Airwrap dupe,’ ‘Airpods Max dupe,’ and ‘Birkenstock Boston clog dupe.’” YPulse’s Luxury report data shows that over half (51%) of Gen Z and Millennials have purchased a dupe or fake luxury item. (Mashable)