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BuzzFeed is pioneering artificial intelligence partnerships. 

Feb 21 2023

BuzzFeed is pioneering artificial intelligence partnerships. Gone are the days of brands “entering the metaverse,” every other day— “partnering with AI” is 2023’s new marketing buzz phrase. Just last week, BuzzFeed introduced Infinity Quizes in partnership with OpenAI (ChatGPT’s parent company). For their already very famous quizzes (which saw 1.1B views last year alone), BuzzFeed is still using real people to come up with the questions, but their AI tech “Buzzy the Robot” will be generating quiz answers based on user selections. One of their first quizzes was sponsored by Scotts Miracle-Gro. In general, the adoption of AI generated ad content is scarce so far, but ultimately user results and reactions will decide how AI is incorporated into more content (especially ad content) in the future. YPulse predicts AI will become a marketing mainstay this year. (The Drum)