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Amazon’s TikTok-like shopping feature is here. 

Dec 19 2022

Amazon’s TikTok-like shopping feature is here. Brands have been finding success with fun and engaging short-form video content and YPulse research shows how social shopping is only growing more popular among young consumers. Our Social and Mobile Marketing Preferences report shows that 83% of Gen Z and Millennials agree that if you are posting a social media ad there should be a direct link to purchase—but now their top online retailer is giving them another way to access shoppable content. Within the Amazon mobile app, the new content hub “Inspire” functions as a space for consumers to discover and explore products via photo and video-based content. Created by brands, influencers, or average customers, the video content appears in a scrollable format that shoppers can view, like, and find links to featured Amazon products. But what makes it truly TikTok-esque is the fact that the content will reflect what users want to see (similar to the FYP). Amazon asks users “what topics or interests they’d like to see content related to, such as pets, gaming or makeup.” (Retail DiveTubefilter)