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College students are eating up robot deliveries. 

May 23 2022

College students are eating up robot deliveries. San Francisco-based robot developer Starship operates food and package delivery via robot on college campuses, and their research (among college students on the 20+ campuses across the U.S. where they have a presence) found that students overwhelmingly love robot delivery services. They report 93% of students who have robot delivery on their campus say the robots are convenient and helpful, and 61% say they order food by robot delivery at least once a week. YPulse’s Future Tech Forecast research found that the majority of young consumers are comfortable with robots and drone deliveries, and their concerns for Gen Z and Millennials in the future of tech are focused more on robots that mimic human demeanor and tech that invades their privacy. Starship campus delivery robots are closer to fancy picnic coolers than humans, and the company reported two-thirds of users felt “more favorably about the robots since seeing them in person and/or using the service.” (DCVelocityStarship)