Are Young Consumers Ready For Drone Deliveries, CGI Influencers, and Face Scanning Tech?

Feb 20 2020

It’s is no secret that Gen Z and Millennials have been the first to adapt to new technologies—but as tech brings us closer to a Black Mirror reality, are there limits to what they want in their worlds?

Gen Z and Millennials have a history of being tech fans, and early adopters of the latest innovations. According to YPulse’s recently released Future Tech Forecast trend report, 89% of 13-37-year-olds say technology makes their lives easier, and 71% agree that scientific advancement is always a good thing. But how far does their tech-devotion stretch? The last few years, more futuristic tech is increasingly becoming a reality, and our trend research reveals that Gen Z and Millennials may have their limits.

Facial recognition, virtual reality devices and spaces, deepfake videos, AI robots, and computer-generated or hologram celebrities are no longer just possibilities, but commonplace realities. And tech companies continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible and introduce new tech that could fit into a plot line for the dystopian show Black Mirror. What do young consumers feel about the rapidly approaching tech future? Our Future Tech Forecast research found that young consumers are ready and willing to have some seemingly intimidating or even dangerous things become mainstream—as long as they make their personal lives more convenient. But there is a line for them. What they’re much more wary of is emerging technologies that mimics being human, with the majority of Gen Z and Millennials saying they would not want to attend a hologram concert of an artist who passed away or follow a computer-generated social media influencer (even though many may unknowingly be).

Maintaining their privacy is also top of mind. Though the majority feel it’s somewhat a lost cause at this point, they’re not as comfortable with face scanning or behavior tracking. That being said, when in control, Gen Z and Millennials do feel comfortable sharing personal data with brands in exchange for more personalized services. For more insight into what tech they’re most comfortable with and what brands should beware of, check out the Future Tech Forecast trend report and the infographic preview below:


Download the full infographic here!

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