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American Eagle is using Snap’s new AR feature to increase sales among Gen Z users.

May 23 2022

American Eagle is using Snap’s new AR feature to increase sales among Gen Z users.This isn’t American Eagle’s and Snap’s first rodeo: The two brands previously collaborated for an AEO collection for Bitmojis. Now the retailer, which is in the top 15 ranking of Gen Z and Millennials’ favorite places to buy clothing, is launching an AR try-on experience where digital models of clothing items can be placed and adjusted to fit atop a full-length photo of users. According to the brand’s CMO, users “will be able to try on a pair of American Eagle jeans or a T-shirt and it will look more closely like a true try-on experience in the physical world.” American Eagle’s return rates from online purchases increased significantly during the pandemic, and they’re hoping the new AR try-on feature will help solve this issue. Snap reports that “Over the past year alone, 250 million Snapchatters have virtually tried on products 5 billion times.” YPulse’s shopping and retail research shows 79% of young shoppers are interested in augmented reality try-ons, indicating they could be receptive to AEO’s new AR offering. (Glossy)