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TikTok’s new ad feature will allow brands to connect with diverse creators.

May 19 2022

TikTok’s new ad feature will allow brands to connect with diverse creators.YPulse has reported that young consumers are looking for diverse representation in marketing, and that using the work of BIPOC creators without accreditation or pay has been a huge issue on TikTok in the past. In short, brands often “piggyback real-world trends while not accurately rewarding the communities that created them.” Now the app is addressing some of these issues with their new feature Branded Missions. The effort will allow creators who are at least 18-years-old and have 1,000+ followers to submit three videos that brands can select to feature as ads, and receive a cash payout if their video is selected. This feature not only makes it easier for brands to put out ads on the platform, eliminating the need for in-house filming, it’s a win for smaller creators who aren’t eligible to participate in the TikTok Creator Marketplace. YPulse’s New Content Creators research found that the majority of young consumers are nano-creators, and 74% would be excited if a brand wanted to use their content (credited) in their marketing / ads. (AdAgeThe Drum)