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Fashion inclusivity is coming to the Metaverse.

May 13 2022

Fashion inclusivity is coming to the Metaverse. We told you all about the Metaverse in our recent Trend Report, and as young consumers’ time in digital worlds grows, the importance of digital influencers is increasing.There are reportedly over 150 virtual influencers, and now some artists are working to make sure that representation is a part of the virtual world. Virtual influencer agency The Diigitals is creating virtual models that reflect real bodies, have a diverse range of skin tones, and even represent those with disabilities. Their creation Shudu Gram, a computer generated social media personality and model, has amassed around 228 thousand followers, and her appearance has been altered several times “to make sure that she isn’t setting a negative example or reinforcing any negative beauty ideals.” YPulse research shows that Gen Z is more likely to think positively of brands who produce diverse and inclusive ads that highlight body positivity, so even when venturing into partnerships with virtual beings, realistic representation should be a priority. (Glossy)