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Duolingo’s new taqueria will reward Spanish learners with taco discounts.

May 16 2022

Duolingo’s new taqueria will reward Spanish learners with taco discounts. YPulse research showed language learning apps got a big boost during the pandemic, and Duolingo has been using creative marketing to keep up their popularity. Now, the digital language service is joining the ranking of digital brands opening an IRL experiences with Duo’s Taqueria, a restaurant (right next to their headquarters) that will help visitors practice their Spanish skills. In addition to serving tacos and sides (with vegan options available) “customers will be asked if they’d like to take a crack at the ‘Español Challenge’ in order to score a 10 to 20% discount on their order, or even a free item.” This isn’t the first time that Duolingo has made food and restaurants central to marketing their language education: Last year they partnered with delis in five cities to promote the launch of their Yiddish courses with a campaign that gave a free bagel to anyone who placed their order in the language, and they launched a similar initiative with Haitian-run restaurants when Haitain Creole was added to the platform this February. (Food & Wine)