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Cup Noodles and HipDot just released a ramen-inspired makeup collection. 

May 11 2022

Cup Noodles and HipDot just released a ramen-inspired makeup collection. YPulse told you about the many food and beverage chains launching their own merch, and the non-beauty brands launching makeup collections. Now, Cup Noodles is the latest food brand to jump into the beauty space. In honor of its 50th anniversary, the ramen noodles brand is working with HipDot on a collaboration that features eyeshadow, lip and cheek tints, and a special collectors’ box that includes other limited-edition pieces. Previously, HipDot has worked with Peeps, Reeses, and Tapatio Hot Sauce on makeup collabs, and according to the Nissin Foods-owned brand, the Cup Noodles Pigment Palette is “inspired by the intense and vibrant warm tones found in our favorite ramen noodle soup,” with ramen-inspired shade names like Hot & Spicy, Seasoning, and Soy Sauce. (Food and Wine)