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Fortnite’s short film festival is returning this week. 

May 11 2022

Fortnite’s short film festival is returning this week. YPulse’s Metaverse trend report explores how Fortnite has evolved beyond  being just a video game by hosting marketing events like virtual concerts and film festivals. Thirty-six percent of Gen Z and Millennials tell us they play Fortnite—and the game’s “Short Nite” film festival is returning this week for a fourth year. While the first festival took place on the Party Royale Island, it has become “more elaborate” in the years that followed. For instance, last year’s was Halloween-themed, and this year’s event will feature nine different custom-built virtual theaters, which were created in the game’s Creative mode. Ten movies will be featured, and Epic Games will be selling a popcorn-eating emote for an “authentic virtual viewing experience.” Attendees will be able to be in a group with up to seven of their friends, and the festival will support picture-in-picture so players can watch the short films while playing in other game modes. (The Verge)