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Instagram is reportedly testing a “TikTok-like” full-screen social feed. 

May 05 2022

Instagram is reportedly testing a “TikTok-like” full-screen social feed. We told you about the way social networks are competing with TikTok, and Instagram is the latest to reportedly test a feature to compete with the app. Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed that the platform is experimenting with full-screen vertical home feeds, whereupon opening the Instagram app, users will immediately see vertical content meant to “bring video more front and center.” An image shared by the company shows a feed “taken up by a full-screen post with comments, captions, likes, and other features placed on top of the post instead of below.” While photos and videos will still be incorporated into the full-screen feeds, the platform’s choice to focus on immersive video “isn’t exactly a surprise” given that they previously tried to attract young creators to use Reels. YPulse’s social media behavior report found that TikTok and Instagram are both top social platforms that Gen Z and Millennials’ are currently using. (TechCrunch)