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Spotify is launching music-themed islands on Roblox. 

May 04 2022

Spotify is launching music-themed islands on Roblox. YPulse’s Metaverse trend report found that nearly a third of Gen Z and Millennials play Roblox—and more brands are entering the metaverse to reach them. While the gaming platform has already hosted digital concerts of its own, now Spotify is collaborating with Roblox to launch Spotify Island, a digital space allowing players to make music, play games, and interact with virtual artists. The company describes Spotify Island as a “virtual archipelago” and “audio oasis” where users can hop between interactive music-themed islands that change throughout the year. The islands will feature “distinct Spotify branding” from its “vibrant green color” to heart-shaped “Like” icons, which users can exchange for virtual merch. Users will have access to beat-making stations by Soundtrap where they can collaborate remotely with others. Spotify has plans to fill the digital space with themed mini-quests, virtual meet-and-greets, and other exclusive content, including paid merch from artists. Leaning into young people’s love for international content, the first music-themed island will be K-pop-inspired and feature interactive experiences with artists Sunmi and Stray Kids. (The Verge)