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More brands are stepping up to support young people’s mental health. 

May 04 2022

More brands are stepping up to support young people’s mental health. YPulse’s mental health report found that the majority of young consumers say they wish brands would support mental health initiatives as part of their social good efforts. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, brands are tackling mental health in different ways to connect with Gen Z. Comfy basics brand Mad Happy has made mental health “the founding principal of their brand” by creating a text hotline, a blog that focuses on mental well-being, and working with nonprofit groups like The Jed Foundation. Meanwhile, Toms is partnering with grassroots organizations like Brave Trails, The Dinner Party, Homebody Initiatives, L.A. LGBT Center, and Venice Family Clinic to support their mental health initiatives, Victoria Secret’s PINK is partnering with celebrities, like Never Have I Ever actor Darren Barnet, to chat with Gen Z about mental health on Instagram, and Saks is working with intergenerational trauma psychologists to talk about self-care on its social channels. (Glossy)