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TikTok launched an in-house AR development platform.

Apr 14 2022

TikTok launched an in-house AR development platform. The augmented reality development platform known as Effect House is officially live, allowing creators to build AR effects for in-app use. Since operating in a closed beta since the fall, Effect House has been operated by more than 450 creators who have published their effects on TikTok, which have been used in 1.5 billion videos garnering over 600 billion views globally. TikTok’s Effect House puts the platform in closer competition with Snap and Meta, which already offer tools to allow developers to build AR experiences, and signals how they’re opening up more video creation opportunities. And for users who don’t know the ins and outs of AR development, Effect House includes detailed documentation to help users learn how to create specific types of effects, how to use different textures, materials, lighting and shadows, and more. Augmented reality is only getting bigger among young consumers, and adding ways for creators—and brands—to develop their own effects will open up more opportunities. (TechCrunch)