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Irish Spring created a “Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower” to appeal to young gamers.

Apr 14 2022

Irish Spring created a “Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower” to appeal to young gamers. Playing on the stereotype that gamers can sometimes sacrifice their personal hygiene due to being caught up in a heated match, personal care brand Irish Spring created a Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower to help gamers get clean without having to take a break from their match. The shower pod is partially encased in plexiglass, featuring a seat modeled after gaming chairs and an overhead display to play games during the 20-30 minute cleaning cycle. Unfortunately for real-world gamers, the installment is more of a marketing ploy than it is an accessible experience. The Nice-Smelling Gaming Shower pod is located in Mexico City and not available for public use. Instead, Irish Spring enlisted FaZe Clan member FaZe Santana to visit the pod and livestream his experience on Twitch, which generated over 259,000 views. A more in-depth video of FaZe Santana’s experience will go live on April 29 for National Sense of Smell Day. YPulse’s gaming research shows 77% of young gamers say brands should pay more attention to gamer culture. (Marketing Dive)