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Gen Z is changing the fashion trend cycle as we know it with identity-driven “core” aesthetics.

Apr 13 2022

Gen Z is changing the fashion trend cycle as we know it with identity-driven “core” aesthetics. We’ve told you about all of the fashion “cores” Gen Z is fueling, from cottagecore, to dreamcorepearlcore, and most recently, regencycore. Unlike fashion fads and trends before, “core” aesthetics are more than just a niche category of style; it’s “escapist fashion” helping young people represent their personality and build community. Social media has been vital for Gen Z building community around the “core” aesthetics, and it’s important to note that these core subcultures don’t necessarily go in and out of style—they coexist with each other (at least for now). Regencycore, which is all about apparel / accessories that exude royalty, has spiked in popularity thanks to the release of Bridgerton season two: According to market research firm Uswitch, Google searches for “regencycore” increased 354% from the day before the new season aired to the day after its premiere. Regencycore is linked to pearlcore, and is on the list of Pinterest’s trends to watch in 2022. As one industry expert puts it, “Now on a journey of self-exploration and discovery spurred by social media, Gen Z is introducing a wave of new, niche aesthetics to the market.” (Sourcing Journal)