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A handful of companies have started testing a four-day workweek.

Apr 04 2022

A handful of companies have started testing a four-day workweek. From April 1 through September, 38 companies in the U.S. and Canada are working with 4 Day Week Global to test out the four-day workweek, which will grant them Fridays off. Many of the businesses involved are in finance, tech, and professional services, including Kickstarter, whose chief strategy officer explains, “[Working four-days per week] is [about] better management and being focused on the priorities and expectations of work teams so they don’t spend as much time navigating ambiguity.” The goal of 4 Day Week Global’s program is to reduce the workweek to 32 hours over four days to ensure a company’s productivity and results stay the same, but workers are more efficient with their time. A January Qualtrics survey found that 92% of people support the four-day workweek, and 4 Day Week Global’s CEO says, “It’s inevitable we’ll see bigger companies doing this.” YPulse’s finance / spending monitor research shows 35% of young people have left their job in the past year, and our What’s Next for Work trend research shows the top two reasons they’re leaving is because their work / life balance wasn’t healthy or their previous job wasn’t good for their mental health. Though the four-day workweek may not be possible for every company, evaluating how to improve employees’ work / life balance is vital for retaining young talent. (CNBC)