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College enrollment is (still) dropping as high school students reassess their futures. 

Apr 04 2022

College enrollment is (still) dropping as high school students reassess their futures. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, college enrollment has hit a new low at colleges and universities across the country. According to a national estimate, student headcounts at U.S. colleges have decreased more than five percent since 2019. Meanwhile, the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center found that public university enrollment has fallen by 12-15% in some states. Public and private college institutions are struggling to keep up with dropping enrollment rates, while students are finding alternatives to traditional education after spending nearly three years attending school in masks or online. Students are opting for gap years to gain some financial and personal stability before attending college or attending trade programs as a cheaper alternative to earning a degree / work certification. YPulse’s education research shows 54% of high school students are interested in taking a gap year, while over one-third of middle / high school students say COVID-19 has changed their college plans. (The Washington Post)