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Flexibility is one of the top things young job seekers are looking for in a job.

Apr 01 2022

Flexibility is one of the top things young job seekers are looking for in a job. According to Handshake’s recent report on young job seekers, one of the most important things to them in a job is flexibility to work from home (or anywhere) whenever they want, and have the chance to connect in person when they see fit. When looking at the proportion of remote full-time jobs in a city and its popularity among Handshake job seekers, the platform found that the more remote jobs a city offers, the more job applications a city gets. For Gen Z and Millennials, the flexibility of remote work isn’t just so they can work from home all day. While that’s certainly a plus, Handshake users note that remote work helps them save money, manage their schedule, and improve their quality of life. Another Handshake survey found that two-thirds of young college alumni and upcoming graduates on the platform say they believe they can build a professional network without having to meet people in person. YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research shows 52% of Gen Z and 60% of Millennials say if their job incorporated working from home / remotely they would enjoy working there more. (Fast Company)