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“Feral girl” summer is coming.

Mar 24 2022

“Feral girl” summer is coming. With hot vax summer 2.0 on the horizon, young women are also dubbing summer 2022 “feral girl” summer, which is all about leaning into unhinged behaviors like not holding back during a night out with friends and basically, well, just f**cking around. Young women on TikTok have been talking about the “movement,” noting how it’s the exact opposite of the green juice-drinking and early-to-bed lifestyle of the “That Girl” trend. One TikTok video explains the mindset of feral girl summer: “No longer going to hold back, everybody get talked back to, not taking any shit, every social media is casual now, gonna do whatever I think is fun, being petty, my feelings first, rock playlist 24/7, only chaos aloud.” Sure, “feral girl” quite honestly sounds scary, but it represents how young consumers are more honest and open about where they’re at two years into the pandemic—and they’re ready to let loose and reclaim the hot vax summer that never was. (MEL)