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Brands are revamping their social media marketing by leaning into niche content.

Mar 18 2022

Brands are revamping their social media marketing by leaning into niche content. TikTok has quickly taken over Gen Z and Millennials’ social media consumption, while holding onto its position as these gens’ favorite app right now. To appeal to what they want to see on the app, brands have been leaning into their relevant subculture on TikTok while tapping influencers who have built massive online audiences to tell their brand’s story. Gucci tapped self-proclaimed trainspotter Francis Bourgeois for an ad campaign introducing its new collection with The North Face; The Ordinary and CeraVe have experienced a sales boom thanks to the “skinfluencer” community; and Book of the Month has built an entire influencer marketing program around BookTok. Though this type of influencer marketing isn’t entirely new (brands have been tapping creators on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for years), TikTok creators offer a perspective of their own, and it’s important for brands to give them creative freedom in order to create content that resonates with Gen Z and Millennials. TikTok subcultures offer a plethora of influencer marketing opportunities for brands, but they also give insight into the unique communities forming on the app—whether that’s through ASMR, trending aesthetics like Dark Academia, or even FrogTok (yep, that’s a thing now). (Adweek)