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Oatly created a true-crime-style podcast to promote its plant-based milk.

Mar 15 2022

Oatly created a true-crime-style podcast to promote its plant-based milk. Dubbed Oatly Lake, the show incorporates all the pieces of a true-crime podcast: the investigative journalism, eerie intro music, an engaging host, and of course, a small-town mystery. And though the first episode is based on a true story that takes place in Northern Michigan where Oatly Lake is hidden, the cast is actually just an 18-minute ad for the plant-based milk. The Oatley team traveled to Oatly Lake to record the episode, interviewing local people who discussed the lake and their own experiences in the area, while making sure to include a plot twist to keep listeners tuned in. YPulse’s TV and entertainment research shows 64% of 13-39-year-olds listen to podcasts (true-crime is certainly a fave among them), and this medium of branded content could be a boon for brands when advertising to young people who want all ads to be entertainment. (Adweek)