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Female TikTokers are reminiscing about how they taught themselves how to code on Tumblr. 

Feb 18 2022

Female TikTokers are reminiscing about how they taught themselves how to code on Tumblr. Though the platform has faded in popularity, Tumblr still holds a special place in many young Millennials’ hearts—and women on TikTok are talking about how influential the site was in helping them teach themselves how to code HTML. In a TikTok video posted by Avery Steeves (@averysteeves) she explains how people have forgotten about a whole generation of young women who taught themselves how to code on Tumblr: “People are like, ‘Oh there’s no girls in STEM’…No, there were! They were just making pale blogs.” The comments section was immediately flooded with responses from women crediting Tumblr for influencing their tech careers. For many young women who share these Tumblr coding experiences, their high schools didn’t offer computer science classes, so if they wanted to learn any type of computer programming / coding, they had to create their own entry into the space, with Tumblr being an unexpected but popular go-to. YPulse’s Self-Taught trend research shows IT / coding / computer science is a skill Gen Z and Millennials have researched to learn how to do on their own—and it’s something they want to learn this year. (Mashable)