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Move over traditional dating apps, TikTok is helping young, queer people find love.

Feb 17 2022

Move over traditional dating apps, TikTok is helping young, queer people find love. Our dating and relationships research shows 48% of 13-39-year-olds have dated someone they met through social media, and though dating apps are certainly a popular option for young singles to pursue romantic connections, TikTok is turning out to be a safe space for young queer people to find a partner. Unlike dating apps, however, users aren’t coming to the app specifically for love. Rather, romantic connections have a tendency to form based on the platform’s niche content / communities—whether users are forming bonds through similar takes on how the Bee Movie is capitalist propaganda or conversations on ShakespeareTok. From there, these bonds are taken to other social media apps to grow their friendships, which also tend to be long distance, eventually turning into romance. TikTokers Daejah (@Daejahtalkstv) and Alex ( explain the beauty of TikTok meet-cutes: “[We] wouldn’t have met anywhere else. We’re in opposite parts of the world, how would that happen beyond paying for Tinder Passport or sheer luck?” YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend research shows 46% of Gen Z and 25% of Millennials are part of an online group on TikTok, and in some cases, these groups are helping them find both platonic and romantic relationships. (Mashable)