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Beauty consumers are shopping for products based on ingredients, not brand preference.

Feb 16 2022

Beauty consumers are shopping for products based on ingredients, not brand preference. As their knowledge of skincare ingredients grows thanks to #SkinTok, beauty consumers are buying products based on their skin concerns, looking for ingredient-led products that have niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, and more. Brands are listening: Glow Recipe, Alpha-H, and Net-a-Porter have updated their websites to allow for greater word variations while adding an ingredients tab to help consumers shop by skincare concern rather than brand. The Inkey List and The Ordinary are two brands that have won over young beauty consumers in recent years thanks to their ingredient-forward approach—not to mention their very affordable price points—and more companies are following suit, formulating new products like vitamin-rich serums and treatments to target new skin concerns like maskne (a.k.a. acne caused prolonged mask wearing). YPulse’s beauty research shows 57% of Gen Z and 51% of Millennials have a deliberate, structured routine for their skincare, and they’re learning most of their tips via makeup artists and “skinfluencers” on TikTok. (Vogue Business)