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Teachers are sharing why they’re leaving their jobs on TikTok.

Feb 11 2022

Teachers are sharing why they’re leaving their jobs on TikTok. Problems with the education system have been exacerbated since the start of COVID-19, and to put it plainly, teachers are burnt out as they attempt to create safe learning environments that meet every student’s needs. The National Education Association reports that 90% of members say their burnout has become a serious problem, and teachers are rethinking their careers to protect themselves. On TikTok, #TeacherQuits counts more than 840K views while #TeacherTok has garnered 1.6B views as young educators share their experiences of what it’s like to be a teacher during the pandemic. In a video posted by former teacher Alison Springer, she explains how teachers often experience a lot of guilt for quitting, but it’s important for them to prioritize their mental health and passions. Springer now uses her TikTok account to inspire both current and former teachers and give insight into how she started on a new path to become a social media manager. The wave of teachers sharing their resignation stories on TikTok follows the #QuitTok wave YPulse told you about last summer, and our What’s Next For Work trend research shows the top reasons young people are leaving their jobs is because it wasn’t good for their mental health / didn’t promote healthy work-life balance. (Fortune)