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Gucci is launching a virtual world on digital real estate platform The Sandbox. 

Feb 11 2022

Gucci is launching a virtual world on digital real estate platform The Sandbox. Currently, Gucci Vault is an umbrella of the luxury brand’s metaverse-related projects (like NFTs and its Discord server), and it recently purchased land on The Sandbox to build an interactive fashion experience based on Gucci Vault. According to The Sandbox, the space “will be inspired by childhood memories of the search for beauty, which brings you to Gucci Maze” and fostering conversations about fashion and the metaverse. Fashion products created by Gucci designers will also be part of Gucci Vault for users to virtually buy, own, and wear. The Sandbox and Decentraland have become a new focus of fashion brands and designers alike as they deepen their investment in virtual worlds (Decentraland is hosting a Metaverse Fashion Week next month), and the Gucci Vault in The Sandbox is the next natural step in the virtual world for Gucci, following its Roblox Gucci Garden and digital outfits with avatar tech company Genies. (Vogue Business)