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“Drop servicing” (a.k.a. reselling gig work) as a side hustle is all over TikTok.

Feb 11 2022

“Drop servicing” (a.k.a. reselling gig work) as a side hustle is all over TikTok. YPulse told you about the number of young employees who say they have a side hustle, and our The New Content Creators trend research explores Gen Z and Millennials’ pursuit of content creation as a side hustle—and even full-time gig. Another popular side hustle known as “drop servicing” (when someone makes a deal with a company to supply them with freelance work like copy editing or graphic design, except instead of doing the work themselves they outsource it on a platform like Fiverr for a cheaper price) is racking up views on TikTok as people share tips on how to find a profitable side job. #DropServicing counts nearly 11M views and it’s filled with videos from young users sharing what the gig is and how to start doing it. According to May Ng, a drop servicer in Singapore, she makes about $10,000 a month from drop servicing (her clients also know she’s not doing the work herself) and has arranged jobs for about 50-70 companies. Though there are some understandable ethical implications with drop servicing at play, #DropServicing on TikTok signals how young people are going after it to make more money. (The Verge)