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Hot rollers are making a comeback as TikTokers attempt the at-home blowout look.

Feb 10 2022

Hot rollers are making a comeback as TikTokers attempt the at-home blowout look. If you haven’t heard of the Dyson Airwrap by now, you haven’t been on TikTok. It’s all over the app as users swoon over the $500+ tool and make beauty tutorials showing their followers how to use the product. And for those who can’t afford the luxury product / didn’t get it for Christmas, they’re sharing dupes—which are mostly just traditional hair rollers—for achieving the at-home blowout look. After seeing countless clips about the Dyson Airwrap, TikTok creator Deanna Guilietti shared a tutorial using Conair’s Jumbo Ceramic Hot Rollers, showing how the $30 Conair product can achieve pretty much the same look. After linking the Conair product’s Amazon link in her clip, more than 15,000 people bought the set, eventually making the product sell out. Meanwhile Brigette Pheloung (@acquiredstyle) recommends using a blowdryer, a round brush, and some rollers to get the Dyson Airwrap look. More time spent at home has inspired young consumers to become their own hairstylists, and they’re fueling a hot roller comeback as they achieve salon-worthy looks on a DIY budget. (Harper’s Bazaar)