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NFL Tycoon is a new sports experience inside Roblox.

Feb 10 2022

NFL Tycoon is a new sports experience inside Roblox. Launched Wednesday, the game lets fans interact in their own NFL-focused world where players can act as team owners, run their own franchise, develop custom stadiums, build a team, swap fictional players, and compete in a simulator. Virtual events that coincide with IRL sports events will also take place inside NFL Tycoon, starting with the Super Bowl LVI this weekend. Sunday’s virtual Super Bowl event on Roblox, known as “Destruction House,” will see players compete to destroy a house while unlocking limited-edition virtual items inspired by the NFL, Super Bowl LVI, the Cincinnati Bengals, and LA Rams. YPulse’s gaming research shows 49% of Gen Z and 34% of Millennials play open-world games like Roblox, and teaming up with the NFL, which is one of their favorite sports leagues, is certainly a way to engage with young sports fans—and gamers. (CNET)