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Some content creators are quitting Instagram because it feels like a never ending “rat race.”

Feb 07 2022

Some content creators are quitting Instagram because it feels like a never ending “rat race.” YPulse’s The New Content Creators trend research found that 65% of young people create their own social media content for a broad audience, and Facebook and Instagram are the top two platforms Millennial content creators use. But after years of trying to figure out Instagram’s “endless” algorithm, some Millennial creators are starting to feel burnt out. Jess Ann Kirby, a Rhode Island-based influencer and blogger, says she started taking a break from Instagram at the start of the pandemic after seeing her stats consistently plateau because the amount of time she spends on the platform directly correlates with how her content is served to users. She also notes that Instagram’s Reels push almost forced her to create content there in order to perform better, which didn’t feel organic to her brand. Kirby explains, “It’s kind of just reached a point where I’m like, this is not the content I want to do, Instagram wants me to do it.” Kirby isn’t the only one. More creators / bloggers who have been in the business since the start of social media also note that over time, building a business on these OG platforms now feels like a gamble. Though Instagram and Facebook have added tools to help creators make money directly, some creators are moving on to other platforms (like TikTok) or taking a break altogether to relieve their algorithm burnout. (BuzzFeed News)